Lela Graybill, Ph.D.

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Lela Graybill is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Utah, specializing in the art and visual culture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. She received her Ph.D. in Art History from Stanford University. Her book, The Visual Culture of Violence after the French Revolution, examines how shifting social attitudes, political practices, and technological developments transformed the staging of violence in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Her research and teaching examines historical relationships between the fine arts, popular culture, media technologies, visuality and display.

6810 Visual Intersections: The Reality Effect
6810 Visual Intersections: Art and the Sublime
6810 Visual Intersections: The Uncanny
3310 Visual Arts of the Enlightenment, 1648-1793
3320 Visual Arts of the Revolutionary Era
3330 Visual Arts of Modernity, 1848-1900
4000 Good Looking: Writing About Art and Visual Culture
4310 Art and the Public Sphere
4320 American Encounters: TV and the American Dream
4330 Art and Technologies of Vision
2500 Introduction to the History of Western Art